CES 2019 Trends and Insights

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January 22, 2019

10 Takeaways from NRF’s Annual Big Show

Commerce is everywhere and the push is on to make everything shoppable. Retail is in a state of transformation, still, but some clear trends are emerging. Technology is taking center…
January 22, 2019

Voice Search Is Replacing Keyword Data

As more people buy voice-enabled devices, adoption of voice search is set to rise with some even predicting that it will replace text as the primary means of searching --…
Publicis Media
January 14, 2019

5G: the most essential ingredient of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Richard Hartell, Global Practice Lead, Strategic Studio, Publicis Media, talks to the Drum about why 5G is a key ingredient in the 4th Industrial Revolution, making it as important as…
Publicis Media
January 14, 2019

The New Commerce Reality

The shopper is more empowered and connected than ever. CES 2019 showcased more ways for consumers to create a perfect, connected human ecosystem that suits your every need with smart…
January 14, 2019

Actionable Steps for Brands Post CES 2019

Many marketers leave CES with two overwhelming feelings: 1) guilt over broken New Year’s resolutions for healthy eating and exercise and 2) confusion over how to act in a meaningful…
January 14, 2019

Tech Keeping Our Well Being in Check

Today’s connected consumer is unpredictable, messy and awash in contradictions. We love our devices and want them to enhance our experiences in increasingly exciting ways. Culturally, there’s a growing consciousness…
Spark Foundry
January 14, 2019

Auto Bridging Physical World with Digital Experiences

The digitalization of the car is the next frontier, with seemingly unlimited investment from auto manufacturers and software developers alike. The race is on for ownership of the smart vehicle…
January 14, 2019

Moving from Demographics to Intentions

Consumers are constantly signaling their intentions through a variety of digital channels, and this behavior is only accelerating. By tapping into these signals, brands can uncover consumer needs, expectations and…
Publicis Media
January 11, 2019

What a skeptic thinks you can learn from CES

Tom Goodwin, Head of Innovation, Zenith, cites digital serenity, modular upgrades to older devices and tech empowering the fragile and vulnerable to be among some of the top trends coming…
January 10, 2019

Consumer desire lines will shape the intersection of technology and experiences

John Sheehy, Global Brand President at Starcom, writes about looking beyond the tech at CES to understand how and where it intersects with human experiences and consumer motivations - or…
January 9, 2019

3 ‘Vs’ of the future – voice, visual, and video – take center stage at CES

Esteban Ribero, SVP Planning & Insights, Performics, discusses with the Drum his perspective on how the 3 'Vs' of Voice, Visual and Video will impact marketers and the future of…
January 8, 2019

Orchestrated success: connect the dots or lose your way

Scott Donaton, Global Chief Creative and Content Officer, Digitas, and Andrew Carlson, Co-Chief Creative Officer for Digitas NA, discuss importance of anticipation, orchestration and integration when it comes to creating…
Publicis Media
January 8, 2019

CTA C Space Influencer Interview with Steve King

CEO Steve King sat down with James Kotecki from the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)'s C Space Influencer Studio to discuss CES, key trends disrupting our industry and the future of…
Publicis Media
January 7, 2019

CES: connectivity, not gadgets, informs the future of marketing

Publicis Media Americas CEO Tim Jones shares that connectivity of existing tech vs. shiny new gadgets will inform the future of marketing and help us navigate the third Connected Era.…
Publicis Media
December 26, 2018

10 Ways the Industry Will Transform in 2019 and Beyond

This year, we assembled experts from across Publicis Media’s agency brands to see what they predict will be our industry’s future in 2019 and beyond. Here are their collected thoughts…
December 6, 2018

Beyond Black Friday: Look to Shopper Intent for Holiday Season Success

In today's world, consumers are constantly signaling their intentions to us through a variety of digital channels.  By tapping into their digital behavior, we can uncover consumer needs, expectations and…
November 19, 2018

65% of digital media to be programmatic in 2019

Programmatic adspend to grow 19% next year, reaching US$84bn 65% of all money spent on advertising in digital media in 2019 will be traded programmatically, according to Zenith’s Programmatic Marketing Forecasts,…
Publicis Media
November 14, 2018

Double 11 2018: Seeing the future … now

“10 years ago, I saw it because I believed in it.”  “10 years later, I can see everything with my vision” ­­–2018 Global Tmall Carnival   This year, Alibaba’s Double…
Publicis Media
November 12, 2018

The Commerce Revolution and how brands can keep up

How can brands win in commerce? That's what top marketers at GSK, Diageo, Samsung, and others discussed at a Campaign and Publicis Media roundtable in NYC. Learn how to…
October 30, 2018

How Modern Brands Thrive: Designing to People’s Desire Lines

There's no question that people today engage with brands, navigate categories and make buying decisions on their own terms.  They won't -- and don't -- typically walk along the path that…
Publicis MediaStarcomZenith
October 1, 2018

Zenith, Starcom Named A Leader and A Strong Performer in Forrester Wave™: Global Media Agencies, Q3 2018 Report

Publicis Media agencies Zenith and Starcom were named a Leader and a Strong Performer, respectively, in The Forrester Wave™: Global Media Agencies, Q3 2018. Both agencies were among the select…
Publicis Media
October 1, 2018

It’s Time to Reinvent Your Retail Organization and Break Down Silos

Through the power of specialties, organizations have built silos. Those silos are now crippling the opportunities for sales in the world of consumer-led commerce. Retail teams sat comfortably within sales…
Spark Foundry
September 27, 2018

Content Is a Terrible Word. It’s Also the Solution to Solving Problems for Brands.

Content is a terrible word -- an overwhelming, overloaded word. Don’t believe me? Try this simple exercise. Ask ten different people to define content. Ask anyone: your co-workers, clients, your…
Publicis Media
September 21, 2018

Publicis Media Advances Commerce Practice with Regional Leadership Appointments

Amy Lanzi, Samrat Sengupta, and Jonathan Lewis-Jones to Lead Americas, APAC and EMEA Regions London, UK – September 20, 2018 - Publicis Media’s global Commerce Practice announces its regional leadership across…


We’re honored to be named Social Media #AOY by @MediaPost, alongside this year’s impressive lineup of winners

Congratulations @StarcomUSA and Publicis Media Sport and Entertainment on helping make this partnership come to fruition

Publicis Spine welcomes Ian Thomas as its new Chief Data Officer. Welcome to the family! via @CampaignLiveUS

What impressed @tomfgoodwin at #CES2019? "You start to see how technologies can work with each other. You start to see companies coming to alliances, the notion of interoperability.”

Congratulations to our Chief Digital Officer Helen Lin (@addy22) for being honored with a @CampaignLiveUS female frontier award in the leading the charge category!

The Top 10 Changes to Come to Marketing & Tech in 2019, with insights from Performics Mara Greenwald, Group Media Director, on Social Commerce:

"Alexa, how can I use you for marketing more effectively?"

Our unicorn up in Scotland, Michael Thomson, takes you through how voice search is replacing keyword data.

Check out our #CES2019 Trends & Insights report, recapping some of the hottest trends and tech coming out of this year's show. #PublicisCES

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We're delighted to welcome @MattSocial to our blessing of unicorns!

#ICYMI Spark’s Chief Client and Operations Officer @sarahinnewyork joined @JamesKotecki in the C-Space Influencer Studio @CES and explained what it means to “bring heat to brands.” #CES2019 #SparkofLeadership #PublicisCES

5G is the most essential ingredient of the 4th Industrial Revolution, says @PublicisMedia's @RichHartell: via @TheDrum #CES2019

Brian Vaught (@bvaught76) SVP Talent Inclusion, representing @PublicisMedia @ the @MediaVillageCom #Advancingdiversity event this week @ #CES2019, celebrating a shared commitment to diversity & inclusion with key partners like @Verizon's @diegoscotti & Sanette Chao. #PublicisCES


Digital serenity, design and integration, modular upgrades and assisted living are some of the key takeaways from @tomfgoodwin at #CES2019

"The real value for marketers will be how people use technology to shape their world, disrupt the status quo and carve new paths through brand categories" @SheehyStarcom's take on #CES2019 in @TheDrum

Why do media and marketing execs attend #CES? Find out from our SVP of Tech @tony_bailey. via @MediaVillageCom #CES2019 #Discovery #PublicisCES

Interview: @Zenith_Media_UK's Natalie Cummins

The Zenith UK CEO opens up about making it to the top as a single parent, the future of agencies and changing clients needs. By @mejefferson_

.@CEO_TimJones and @jackmyersbiz spoke about the importance diversity & inclusion in our industry and beyond at @CES yesterday #publicisCES

.@comcast exploring all the startups in Eureka Park in Tech West at #CES2019 with @SparkFoundryUSA's Director of Content Innovation Andrew Klein (@doctorklein) #PublicisCES #client

New agency for Meineke owner, Driven Brands: @PublicisMedia's Moxie

“People aren’t waiting around for a brand reveal 15 seconds into a video. We need to develop for the mobile device” Grant Gudgel at the fusion stage @PublicisMedia with @sdonaton and @Digitas #CES19

The final #PublicisCES session of the day, in partnership with @Teads, pairs @Digitas Global Chief Creative & Content Officer @sdonaton w/head of @Teads Studio NA @TheGudgel as they discuss mobile tech and the fusion of functionality, content & creativity. #CES2019

“Digital media channels like search aren’t just digital channels; we see them as a behavioral insights machine.” Burcu Agma, Group Director, Planning & Insights @performics on Capturing Consumer Intent #PublicisCES

Capturing Consumer Intent at #PublicisCES with Kelli Kemery, Microsoft Market Research Manager: “Humans are not linear...As tech creates more touchpoints for us, we have a web where consumers are moving fluidly, in no particular order.”

.@SeanCsays CEO for @Zenith_USA @MoxieUSA and @MRY leads the discussion with CMOs from @GSK @ebay and Joanna Lambert @Verizon Media on embracing innovation, complexity & navigating the fusion of people, tech & business to drive big decisions. #CES2019 #PublicisCES