Publicis Media
April 4, 2018

Parents and Families Are the Biggest Supporters of Voice

Publicis Media conducted a study on "The Rise of Voice," which attempts to help marketers wrap their head around the emerging tech. While it’s no surprise that voice continues to…
March 20, 2018

Humanizing Data Puts Money in the Bank

Rightfully so, much of our industry conversation over the last few years has focused on data.  Data has completely changed what we do and how we do it, for the…
Publicis Media
March 13, 2018

To Thrive in Creative Industries, Never Stop Questioning

There is a feeling I get when I walk into a gallery – even if it’s one I’ve visited many times. It’s a feeling of anticipation and intrigue, wondering how…
Publicis Media
February 28, 2018

Generating Sustainable Brand Trust in Trust-Free World

If trust was a commodity it would, due to scarcity, be an incredibly precious resource. Supply would be short and the price sky high. Over the past few years there’s…
Blue 449
February 27, 2018

Today’s Innovation Landscape: Topics to Get Excited About

We’re at an important and exciting inflection point, the time between Q1 and Q2 when the year’s innovations are starting to take shape and when as a collective industry we…
Blue 449
February 21, 2018

Video Sweet Spot: Creating Content That Matters

This is the golden era of content, and with it comes a massive amount of custom video production.  This leaves marketers asking "what is the optimal video length?"  In this mobile…
Spark Foundry
February 15, 2018

Blockchain and Digital Advertising

Bitcoin has been making regular headlines over the past few months, with fans and critics equally animated in their support or condemnation of the volatile cryptocurrency. Less attention-grabbing, but perhaps…
Publicis Media
January 29, 2018

The ROI of a Social MVP

There has been a lot of talk recently about the NBA replacing the NFL as America's favorite sports league.  Even legendary NBA players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar have been vocal about this potential…
Publicis Media
January 25, 2018

E-retailers Are the Publishers of the Future

The contemporary e-shopping process has been increasingly experiential versus transactional. Over 50 percent of consumers begin the path-to-purchase journey somewhere like Amazon (likewise Lazada, Flipkart, Tmall and so on), with…
January 17, 2018

Three Trends from CES that will Power Marketing in 2018

If you’re a marketer who is not in the consumer electronics industry and attended, or have been following the highlights from, CES, you’ve probably had your fill of bigger and…
Spark Foundry
January 16, 2018

2018 CES Trend Roundup

VR AIMS FOR MASS ADOPTION Wireless and all-in-one VR headsets will push the next wave of VR adoption. With easier access, simpler designs and greater mobility, VR use will increase…
Publicis Media
January 16, 2018

Behind the Voice Hype

A new study by Publicis Media takes a more human approach to understanding the opportunities that voice presents for brands and marketers. While still an emerging sector for marketers, the…
January 16, 2018

The CarOS of the future and what CES 2018 has to say about it

When our lives and cars connect The majority of floor space in this year’s massive North Hall at CES is dedicated to automobile makers or companies that supply parts and…
January 16, 2018

What Innovation in Auto Means for Brands

It’s highly likely the automotive sector is about to undergo its most significant shift in history as we see changes coming from all directions in a remarkably short period. E-MOBILITY…
Blue 449
January 16, 2018

AI’s Essential Role in Digital Transformation & Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a broad and expansive idea that it is often overwhelming in its terminology alone. This year we’ll see the evolution of the conversation from hype to…
January 16, 2018

How Mobile is Changing Experience and Interface Design

Mobile is a verb, not a noun. The experiences of the future won’t be limited to designing for a phone – although the phone is absolutely a consideration – they…
January 15, 2018

CES 2018: Every single object in your life is connected. Now what?

This year’s CES was no different than the last few: we saw again that any product — anything at all, really — can and will become “smart”. But “smart” is…
PerformicsPublicis Media
November 15, 2017

Singles Day: A story of 1’s and many, many 0’s

Looking back at the latest edition of 11.11, the overwhelming feeling is that basic laws of economics don’t always prove to be true: diminishing returns and soft growth landing do…
Publicis Media
September 18, 2017

When Content Marketing Turns Smart

Marketing automation has given the industry a new way to leverage insights to continually personalize content. Technology continues to enable creativity, allowing content to be more agile, relevant and effective…
Publicis Media
September 18, 2017

Six Discoveries from Start-Ups

360 ̊ VIDEO IS A PRACTICAL FIRST STEP TO VR Cost and complexity remain barriers to entry for most brands using VR to engage consumers. Emerging 360̊ solutions like Blend…
September 18, 2017

The Changing Landscape of Brand Discovery

Over the past years, we’ve observed the trend of brand discovery behaviors moving far beyond the traditional search engine box to direct commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart,, and…
Publicis Media
August 23, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Advertising

As the world is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to fuel the next wave of technological advance and economic growth, China has already positioned itself as a major player. Whereas…
Publicis Media
July 28, 2017

Beyond the Cookie

To build powerful relationships with consumers, marketers must have a strategy based on consumers' motivations and needs, across channels and devices. The challenge is harnessing the massive volume of data…
Publicis Media
July 18, 2017

The Future of Millennial Banking

What do Millennials want from financial institutions in a disruptive world? How can financial institutions remain relevant, leading in this era of change? Throughout the history of banking, financial institutions…


We are excited and PROUD 🙌🏼 to once again be named one of Chicago's Best & Brightest Companies to work for @101Best

"The process of becoming an adult is like running a race that doesn’t have a finish line to cross… and that’s a relatively new idea," says Alyson Stevens, SVP, Data Sciences, Publicis Media.

Kristen Kelly, EVP Precision, talking about the positive ROI of having a diverse team. @programmaticwbr

Love that @PublicisMedia’s Sue Frogley closed her @Campaignmag’s #Media360 discussion with a John Lennon quote! #truth #transparency

Our @Campaignmag @Media360Event kicks off with a call for Trust, Transparency and Truth from @PublicisMedia’s Sue Frogley

Performics U.S. CEO, @Shamberg and other agency executives discuss Employee Advocacy in the latest @LinkedInMktg Presents the Future video:

“Anything that can help to rebuild trust between client and agencies, or marketers and their consumers, is something that should be taken very seriously.” - @RichHartell at @MediaPost's #Blockchain Marketing Forum

"I view blockchain as a trust machine" - @RichHartell, Global President, Strategy & Innovation of Publicis Media at the @MediaPost #Blockchain Marketing Forum this morning.

What Marketers Care About Most: The Beet #NewFronts Compilation – @meknyc @4As @HavasMedia @Zenith_USA @essenceglobal @bwinkl3r @OMD_Worldwide @GroupMWorldwide @Mindshare_NA @dentsuaegis cc: @MeredithCorp @iab

Year on year, #Ramadan social media conversations center on key topics that are close to consumer’s hearts
Read @PublicisMedia's report on @arabianmktr

“Brands need to match their language and tone to the language that people expect” @BeeRowe discussing how to get ahead in Voice #DC2018

.@PublicisMedia is the top-ranked media agency group of 2017 in @Comvergence's new report - @OMD_USA took a top spot too:: via @CampaignLiveUS

Adspend Forecast: Luxury advertising is rapidly shifting towards digital media, led by luxury hospitality brands. 50% of luxury hospitality advertising will be digital this year, according to our Luxury Advertising Expenditure Forecasts 2018. #theROIagency

We're on the move in the UK and excited to announce we'll be moving to the former home of the @BBC - the BBC Television Centre! #NewHome

.@tomfgoodwin, EVP and Head of Innovation @Zenith_USA, talks to @Campaignmag about driving transformation: "Brands need to do more than 'gestural innovation' if they want to evolve" #theROIagency

Entrepreneur notes that consumer mistrust has spiked, likely due to fake news: #IntentLab @medillimc

PM’s Head of Content in Australia and New Zealand @VilliersDeBoer weighs in on successful campaigns that incorporate gamification.

Congratulations to Erica Taylor who has been promoted to UK MD of Publicis Media Exchange.

We've done it again! #Blue449US is #1 on the list of Best Places to Work in Indiana for the second year in a row! #BPTWIN

.@StarcomME will now represent IKEA Saudi Arabia as media AoR. Great work team - congrats!

. @PublicisMedia 's #BusinessTransformation Predictor canvasses the views of consumers & C-suite executives within the UAE & KSA to predict how businesses will transform over the next 5 years
Learn about the findings in @GMRME 's report

@performics at Starcom Australia YT wins the APAC Agency of the year at Bing Partners Awards tonight in Seattle


The Spark Performance team is on fire! Yesterday, they took home the Global Agency of the Year Award at the @BingAds Awards. Way to go team! #WeGotSpark


The Royals and Blue 449 win Australian Super’s creative and media account via @MumbrellaNews

Always on digital? Thoughts from @blue449 Chairman @philg1962 @Campaignmag