May 10, 2019

Trends Worth Tracking: Charitable Giving, Business Edition

  Digitas, The Connected Marketing Agency, is dedicated to uncovering trends worth tracking on industry topics like car buying, cord cutting, and more under its intelligence hub, Vera. Truth Gone…
May 9, 2019

Private Social Media is Not a Wave. It’s the Tide.

Since its inception, social has been a medium centered on human interaction between friends, family, classmates, and other close circles. Over time, these circles grew to encompass business, celebrities, and…
May 7, 2019

The Next Wave of Augmented Reality Will Change Content Forever

  How we consume content has changed drastically over the last ten years. What we watch, how we learn and how we discover was once confined to books, movies, TV…
Publicis Media
May 6, 2019

F8 2019 Key Takeaways

F8 is Facebook’s annual 2-day conference where developers and businesses explore what’s next in technology. This year, in addition to product announcements, Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote on Day 1 noted that…
May 3, 2019

F8 2019: Find Your Tribe with Facebook Groups

With the theme of this year’s F8 centered around “The Future is Private,” it’s no surprise that Facebook Groups were a main topic throughout the 2-day conference. In fact, FB5…
May 3, 2019

F8 2019: What If Facebook Was Built Around Messenger?

Mark Zuckerberg opened this year’s Facebook Developer Conference by plainly declaring, “the future is private.” And while this position has provoked some rightful skepticism, the rest of the F8 event certainly…
May 1, 2019

Google Cloud Next ’19

S Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s vision was on full display at the Moscone Center in San Francisco in April, at Google Cloud Next ‘19. 37,000 attendees from around the…
April 24, 2019

Pinterest’s Big IPO

Pinterest went public last week at a $10 billion valuation. The news is not a surprise for the visual discovery platform that launched in 2010. However, despite a growing user…
April 5, 2019

Two Truths & a Lie: Demystifying the MarTech Stack

If you were to ask any marketer about the MarTech Stack, they might cringe and throw their hands in the air in frustration. Many marketers find the MarTech landscape confusing…
April 4, 2019

Data compliance: Unlocking the tech

Data protection is everyone’s responsibility. We’ve heard this line time and time again. CIOs, CPOs, and CMOs have this top of mind, especially in the current climate of GDPR, CCPA,…
April 4, 2019

Why CXM is the Foundation for Multi-Channel Experiences

The world is full of buzz words, especially in digital marketing, but one that's been out there for 10+ years is CXM (aka 'Customer Experience Management') and it still holds…
Spark Foundry
April 4, 2019

Bonfire Client Summit: A Peek Behind the Curtain

April 3, 2019

Adobe Experience Platform: A Stronger Customer Connection

A high-quality customer experience is essential for brands to strengthen relationships with their customers. Per Forrester, “on average, customers who have a high-quality experience are 2.7 times more likely to keep…
March 28, 2019

Changes in Content Consumption as a Result of Cord Cutting

The Truth Every day it seems like another TV show is trending—co-workers chattering about the latest season finale, or a new true crime documentary. This evolving landscape of TV &…
Publicis MediaSpark FoundrySXSW 2019Trends and Insights
March 26, 2019

S(PARK)XSW Trends & Insights

SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST The SXSW Interactive festival brings together cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity from a plethora of experts, brands, agencies and organizations. With more than 35,000 attendees from nearly…
March 15, 2019

My Journey: Becoming a Leader

This is a reflection on my journey to the leadership position I’m in today. I’ve always had the drive to succeed as a strong figure not only in my career,…
March 13, 2019

Marketers Must Meet Brands’ Need for Speed

Much has been written about the state of commerce today.  It's either dying or thriving, thanks to online competition, depending on who you talk to.  But after attending Shoptalk in Las Vegas…
Publicis Media
March 12, 2019

Technology to Watch: Facial Recognition, In-store Tech & More

"Machine learning" was among the most used terms at ShopTalk this year, proving that retailers and brands are quickly developing innovative solutions to meet the rapidly increasing consumer expectations, online…
Publicis MediaShoptalkTrends and Insights
March 12, 2019

Shoptalk Trends and Insights

Shoptalk has become one of the most important retail gatherings for our industry, as evidenced by its explosive growth over the past four years – bringing in 8,400 attendees in…
March 12, 2019

Personalization, The Next Frontier

Customers expect their experiences to be seamless and relevant. The word personalization is used a lot in our industry, but it clearly means different things to different people. Customers Want…
Publicis Media
March 12, 2019

The Role of Big Brands in the Digital Vertical Economy

Big brands have always had a prominent presence at large retail events. Their key focus remains on how to transform their model to grow in this new economy. Digitally native,…
March 6, 2019

Google Eliminates Paid-Search Average Position Metric

On February 26th, Google officially announced that it will sunset its paid-search average position metric in September 2019. This is the most significant change seen in search advertising in years. Many…
March 5, 2019

Mobile World Congress 2019: 5G Is More Than Just Speed

The 2019 Mobile World Congress (MWC), in Barcelona, has been dominated by phone technology for the past 10 years, and underwent a fundamental and generational shift in 2019 as the…
March 5, 2019

Why Google is patenting the ability to sell media based on “attention”

Digitas connects brands with insights on where marketing, media, and search products are headed next, based on approved public patents from media and tech companies. These are patents brands should…


124,000 attendees (+24%), 125 nationalities represented, 450 speakers, 13,000 start-ups present... Congratulations @VivaTechnology for this 2019 edition, and see you next year for an even more spectacular fifth event!

Traveling on planes, trains, and automobiles can get lonely. New research from Digitas Vera reports 63% of Millennials fight loneliness on the road. Download “The Companion Brand Study” for the full results:

.@SDonaton, Global Chief Creative Officer, @Digitas, discusses how the Digital Content #NewFronts have evolved since its inception and what new technologies are impacting the advertising industry:

If you missed FutureX Live: The Next 10, fear not! While there were countless takeaways from the event, check out our recap of the top 10 key learnings from the day.

.@kristinalutz, President of Investment, @StarcomWW discusses how the #NewFronts have evolved in recent years and all the trends and highlights seen at this year’s event:

Spark SVP Content Lead Erin Vogel shined at @MediaPost’s #MarketingQSR conference yesterday where she interviewed Joshua Krauss, Director of Digital Marketing at @AuntieAnnes on the D2C effect. #SparkofLeadership

When it comes to helping our leaders navigate their professional & personal lives, Spark’s SVP Burning Ambition Academy, Michelle Thomas, looks to coach the “whole person”. Read more about Michelle’s thoughts on leadership coaching: #SparkofLeadership

Martin O’Boyle, MD of Partnerships PMX talks about how and why the untapped potential in TV should harnessed in his latest blog for @IABUK members here:

Trending now: brand pillars of product and purpose. Here are the latest trends in charitable giving, guiding companies to make an impact without cutting margins:

. @Groupe_Renault announced today at @VivaTech, a strategic agreement with @PublicisGroupe & @relaxnews The partnership aims to create the 1st global platform of editorial content for mobility – through adding a new dimension to the AEX concept

Hannah Gillett, Spark Foundry's strategy director, shares her thoughts on how social media is hindering self-expression. You can read Hannah's insightful piece on @TheDrum here: #SocialMedia #Orginiality #SelfExpression

Our own @MarieBinet34 is in @TheDrum Magazine talking about #WomenSport and the #Marketing Industry: "There are no female sponsorship opportunities in some markets, because there are no female athletes... in fact, in some places, women are not even allowed into sport stadiums" ♀️

Michael Kahn, Global #Brand President @Digitas, discusses how #marketers can leverage existing platforms and technologies in new ways and how to define an effective marketing campaign:

With dreams of becoming a radio presenter, Patrick Whitnall entered the world of advertising. Today, we're lucky to have him as our Head of Content & Sport in ANZ.

Let us introduce you to the under-30s defining agency culture and carving modern brand narratives at @Digitas: via @CampaignLiveUS @OllieMcAteer

With 2019 #Upfronts heating up, Spark CIO @shelbys shared her thoughts with @bristei on the dynamic landscape. Read more via @Variety: #SparkofLeadership

Can digital heavyweights fend off linear TV's online land grab? See what Rachel Bien, SVP of Integrated Strategy and Digital Investment shared w/
@marketingdive on this year’s #NewFronts themes. #theROIagency

Good on you @clintsimpson_ for being named a 2019 @Adweek Media All-Star! 🙌

While AI has been around for some time now, many agencies are considering how they can leverage this technology to streamline their performance offerings. How do you see #AI shaking up agency land in the future? 🤖

In @adforum's latest spotlight series, Taylor Hampshire, Sr. Planner of Strategy, shares what it’s like to be a media planner in a world where media is ever expanding. #theROIagency

Had the pleasure of sitting down with this group of badassery to talk all things young and creative. @Digitas @PublicisNA @PublicisGroupe

We're so honored to have the heart of our LA office, Jeff Pray, featured in @Adweek's All-Star edition. Congrats, @praetell

Eminently proud to welcome @Digitas_Dubai to our global Unicorn family!

She’s always been an all-star in our eyes, but we’re glad to see that @Adweek agrees. Congratulations to our CCOO Sarah Kramer on being named a 2019 Media All-Star! #SparkofLeadership

Watch all 2019 #DigitasNewFront coverage here featuring Malcolm Gladwell, Nancy Dubuc, Bob Garfield, and more. You won't want to miss it. Trust Us*.