Each year at VivaTech, we explore the Hall of Tech with our clients to discover the latest innovations that will transform businesses. Here are three disruptive observations on the horizon:


Cochlear.AI aims to create ears for artificial intelligence that decipher the semantics of audio, like humans, by analyzing verbal utterances and sound to understand user demographics, as well as the emotional state behind any verbal instruction. Auditory sounds will deliver significant implications with voice assistants in the home reducing the dependency on intentional task inputs.


A host of excellent AR experiences were on display at the show, the best of which was L’Oreal’s Modiface technology that facilitates virtual hair colors with a magic mirror. We also loved Holooh, whose green screen photography studio captures photorealistic models in 360° for use in dynamic AR applications – perfect for fashion. Technologies such as these are best to be partnered with, rather than built in-house, meaning the latest advancements can always be accessed, rather than committing oneself to a single AR solution.


We saw how technology could help automate pre- and post-sales for online shoppers. Beyable, for instance, offers a system which applies attribution modeling techniques sitewide to extract insights on what content drives sales. Kronos Care, on the other hand, offers each shopper a personalized order fulfillment microsite, dynamically displaying when their package will arrive, aggregating a host of branded content, and customer service elements to their post-purchase experience for an end-to-end experience. Real-time customization based on behavior and consumption patterns will be key to increasing conversion.

This post originally appeared on Zenith’s blog.

Author: Tom Saunter, Global Head of ROI Labs, Zenith