Why Google is patenting the ability to sell media based on “attention”

By March 5, 2019 No Comments

Digitas connects brands with insights on where marketing, media, and search products are headed next, based on approved public patents from media and tech companies. These are patents brands should be tracking to future-proof their business.

This time, we explore the patents Google and Facebook are using in their pursuit of marketing transformation. Both are taking data to evolve the connection between people and brands, while making their ad-funded business models work harder.

Two featured patents:

These patents have uncovered three undeniable take-aways:

1. Platforms are under pressure to prove to marketers that their ads are both seen and effective. Thus, Google and Facebook are investing in understanding their consumer’s behavior and current mindsets in order to serve them relevant content based on their current state of mind.

2. Investments like these will provide marketers with a clearer picture of how to effectively grab a consumer’s attention as a way to communicate key messages.

3. These moves will be critical in both planning and measurement, while pushing brands to know when to sacrifice profits for an improved user experience.

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Author: Michael Thomson, Media Strategy Director of Digitas UK, & Dan Ryan, VP/Group Director, Creative Strategy of Digitas New York, Digitas