At CES, Publicis Media launched its proprietary Business Transformation Predictor research, forecasting how businesses will transform amongst key disruption trends. The research canvassed the views of 1,799 consumers and 759 C-suite executives across seven countries.

The Expectation Gap

86 percent of executives feel that they’re well equipped to innovate to meet rising consumer expectations. However, the research indicates that executives may be mistakenly assessing their capabilities. In some verticals, as little as 54 percent of consumers agreed that brands are innovating to meet their needs. It’s time for brands to ask themselves: “Is our innovation showing?”

Brand Response

Executives and consumers do agree on the trends that will have the most disruptive power over the next five years—new payment methods, on-demand access to goods and services, seamless shopping and AI. Having incorporated tech-enabled change into their daily lives, consumers are disruption-savvy; brands should enroll them into their transformation efforts and journeys as cocreators.