Recognize and Remix Patterns

Like fashion, what’s old is now new. Radio has become podcasts; billboards are digital and personalized; and TV is increasingly addressable. We’ve shifted from just universal mass communications to also focusing on what’s uniquely meaningful for a single person. Success in today’s world requires marketers to recognize and remix old patterns. It’s also why we need a mix of new and experienced marketing professionals to work together to rethink these patterns for a modern age.

Personalization Takes More Than AI & Data 

Today’s work represents a new type of creativity that demands diversity of thought and stimulus. Creativity using technology data and AI can all help, but also can hinder brands from taking risks, as it only works off of historic data to determine the future. Effective personalization will also still rely heavily on human intuition. Humanity remains necessary to tell a compelling story and deliver messages as marketers.

Future Sources of Inspiration

A new form of creativity will require new talent to deliver it. We’ll see new talent profiles and roles like behavioral economists to understand what motivates people’s buying patterns. Gen Z will also be integral to driving new creativity, as their influence rapidly extends beyond their buying power.

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 Author: Richard Hartell, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Media