The digitalization of the car is the next frontier, with seemingly unlimited investment from auto manufacturers and software developers alike. The race is on for ownership of the smart vehicle due to the potential it holds. Like the mobile phone, the car is another device that bridges the physical world with its digital capabilities.

  • Voice Quickly Entering the Car. With Samsung’s Digital Cockpit and Alexa turning older cars smart with plug-ins and add-ons, it’s clear brands need to start experimenting with voice as it becomes more prevalent in smart homes, within smart phones and now taking center stage in-vehicle.
  • In-Car Entertainment. More opportunities to entertain drivers and passengers now exist outside of radio. CES saw companies unveil in-car VR, 4G connectivity and unlimited data plans. People’s need to consume content will provide new opportunities for partnerships, content deals, subscriptions, as well as advertising opportunities surrounding the content.
  • Data Along for the Ride. More smart features within a car, means more data. This will help bridge to the physical world and enable advertisers to speak to drivers and passengers based on their current journey and where they’ve been. Not only will data be available dynamically for journeys, but will also be sold for use outside of the car. The big question is who will own it?

Author: Scott Curtis, Global Head of Digital and Innovation, Spark Foundry