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With the explosion of IOT, combined with voice enablement, commerce is moving from automation to anticipation. Our ability to predict what consumers need based on their routine behavior will enable brands to truly provide utility (save me time, make me smarter, put me at ease) which will be what drives commercial value for brands in 2020 and beyond.


Brands and devices continue to morph from selling products to creating experiences that enable consumers to live better lives. This concept came to life at Amazon where each of the curated experiences was designed to meet the consumer mindset (e.g. Busy Parent, Home Chef, etc), showcasing the power of all connected devices in providing collective utility. For example, take a smart in-home shelf that triggers a consumer to add a product to their shopping list when the weight reveals a refill moment. As marketers, we need to develop creative solutions that marry brand value proposition, connected experience and consumer problem solving on a routine basis.


Samsung, LG and others highlighted product solutions that are connected to meet your every need – smart mirrors that provide style recommendations customized for you; devices allowing you to monitor your home and refrigerator from afar; or screen-enabled voice assistants that let you stream any show of your choice. Self-driving cars are bringing the notion of the mobile living room to life, which means consumers can spend more time shopping for their needs – whether on the go or on their way home. This is a huge opportunity for brands to focus on the ever-changing need states of consumers throughout the flow of their day to provide true utility to them and ultimately drive a sale. With everything connected, every moment is now shoppable but context is critical.


Both Walmart Media Group (WMG) and Roundel revealed new product enhancements designed to service
consumers that blended commerce behaviors. Consumers are omnichannel shoppers with the majority of transactions happening in the brick and mortar environment.  Walmart continues to invest in their shopping app to ensure digital enablement of the shopping experience to meet the blended behavior that exists today. Roundel is partnering with Google to prove out the online to offline behavior of shoppers and provide a unified measurement approach for marketers. Both of these are huge opportunities for marketers to gain a better understanding of
how to partner with these retailers to truly meet consumers in the ways they shop their ecosystems.

Amy Lanzi, EVP, NA Practice Lead, Commerce, Publicis Media

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