Data protection is everyone’s responsibility. We’ve heard this line time and time again. CIOs, CPOs, and CMOs have this top of mind, especially in the current climate of GDPR, CCPA, etc. What can we do with the data we collect and how do we manage this for our customers through our customer experience? These questions in particular have bubbled up to the top, and marketers are looking to technology to help unlock organizational data compliance and management.

Adobe has taken a crack at unlocking the tech to enable data compliance. At Adobe Summit in Las Vegas last week, Adobe announced that privacy and transparency was an important pillar that they are addressing in their products. They’ve released major product updates that will allow marketers to control the use and collection of their data through Adobe Experience Platform tools like Adobe Launch and Adobe Audience Manager, putting the control back into marketers’ hands. They’ve integrated with consent partners like OneTrust, TrustArc, and Evidon to ensure there is coverage across all channels to meet data compliance across the customer experience.

To dive deeper, the silos that have traditionally been upheld in enterprise organizations between the technology group, privacy team, and marketing group will be broken down with updated industry policies. These teams will need to be more integrated in order to ensure compliance. By utilizing tools through the Adobe Experience Platform, the technology team can apply labels to the data collected, the privacy team can then apply policy against those labels, and finally, the marketing team can work through how they will utilize the data available to them via the policy in place. With these Data Stewards utilizing Adobe, there will be a single screen to identify data and label accordingly, edit policy to force compliance on use of data, an opt-in for control when data is collected and when it’s not, user permissions to regulate access, and control to limit data usage.

In a nutshell, technology partners are making it easier for marketers to navigate this new digital world. Marketers will need to become more agile in a changing privacy landscape by becoming the Data Stewards to their customers. With the right technology in place, they can maneuver appropriately.

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Author: Jennifer Cain, VP/Group Director, Media Technology, Digitas