Consumers are constantly signaling their intentions through a variety of digital channels, and this behavior is only accelerating. By tapping into these signals, brands can uncover consumer needs, expectations and brand perceptions. According to the latest Performics Intent Lab™ study, in partnership with Northwestern University and Microsoft, consumer engagement greatly increases when matching mindsets to experiences and brands must shift their perceptions.

  • Context Triumphs over Identity: Consumer relevancy changes by the minute even though their identity/demo hasn’t changed. What has changed is context and based on that consumers expect tailored messaging to their intent.
  • Fluid Journey, Fluid Mindsets: Consumers shift their mindsets as they process new information. If we don’t have relevancy in those moments, we’ll lose consumers. Brands must stop focusing only on the concrete, last-click intention, and focus on the entire journey.
  • Match Experiences to Mindsets: Content formats have higher levels of influence based on consumer mindset, so it’s important to continually test different types of content/creative across the journey to uncover the most assistive experience.
  • Leverage Intent Segmentation: A unique keyword cluster that helps brands restructure campaigns to better align message to mindset and create new ad copy and landing page experiences tailored specifically to consumer intent.

Download the full Intent Lab™ “Search as a Behavioral Insights Machine” research.

Author:  Burcu Agma, Group Director, Planning & Insights, Performics