As the most prevalent topic of discussion throughout VivaTech, AI has proved to be the hero of the year, regardless of industry or sector. We took a look at the VivaTechstartups that are pioneering the movement:


The healthcare industry has widelyadopted AI technologies to further improve their systems. USA-based Gyant, has used AI technology to create a system that mimics a physician’s visit. It can hold a conversation with patients regarding their symptoms to identify the possible conditions that could be affecting the patient. It can then direct them to the best treatment solution and correct physician. Their aim is to provide medical advice to third world countries where access to healthcare services is very limited.

Singapore-based Graphene on the other hand focuses on the healthcare providers themselves. It provides doctors with a patient referral platforms that helps hospitals to digitize patients’ data and uses AI to automate patient profiling to identify their previous medical history and predict possible conditions.


AI is a hot topic in the automotive and transportation industry with the growth of driverless vehicles. French startup Navya, provides driverless shuttle solutions that are AI powered with the ability to transport small groups. On the other hand, Swiss-based OSR Enterprises, employs a proprietary all-in-one multi-domain SCCI (Smart Connected Car and Infotainment) System that could revolutionize the car market by connecting vehicles to the Internet of Things and Internet of Vehicles.


Closer to home, the marketing industry has also adopted AI technologies. USA-based Nextuser, uses AI to deliver personalisedmarketing messages, targeting the right consumers at the right time, while France-based Beyableapplies the technology to adapt marketing messages in real-time to websites and mobile to drive sales leads.

Speaking on the technology, Steve King, CEO PublicisMedia said, “AI will have a transformational effect on the advertising industry and create very exciting opportunities for our business. I struggle to think of industries that will not adopt AI technology, everything will be dominated by AI. I think it will have a huge macroeconomic and societal impact.”

Author: Maha Mahdy, Senior Manager, Influencer Marketing, Publicis Media