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As the world confronts the global pandemic, all eyes will be on Easter as the first major holiday and shopping occasion for shoppers embracing a “new normal.” Commerce will play a major role as Americans are asked to stay at home and avoid large gatherings or celebrations but are still looking to celebrate safely.

Publicis Commerce and BIGtoken partnered to conduct a survey on how Easter holiday shopping in the US is being impacted by the global pandemic. According to the survey, 84% of respondents plan to celebrate Easter, with 57% planning to do so virtually. Based on the survey insights and other findings, here are some things brands should consider as they engage those planning to celebrate Easter on their commerce channels:

Activate Your Grocery Commerce Channels for All Easter Meals

Due to the global pandemic, daily US grocery sales have doubled (Adobe Digital Economy Index), and shoppers are turning to their mobile devices more than ever with four times more growth (Criteo). According to our BIGtoken survey, 68% of shoppers are planning on using curbside pickup for their groceries and meal shopping, and 51% are turning to shopping online for their wine and spirits needs. Brands need to be able to adapt quickly to meet consumers where they are or planning to shop to maintain relevancy and avoid tone-deaf messaging.

This extends to not only the traditional Easter dinner but all meals as well. According to Pinterest, the fastest-growing Easter searches on Pinterest include, “Easter dinner,” “Easter breakfast” and “Easter side dishes.” It’s up to brands to help consumers come up with new ideas and recipes for all of their Easter meals as they look to spend the whole day at home and eating with their families.

Create Digital Experiences for Both an At-Home and Virtual Easter

Brands should also be taking advantage of an at-home Easter by creating digital experiences for consumers looking to de-stress or find easy activities to do together throughout the day. In March, top searches on Pinterest are around Easter crafts especially for certain age groups, including “crafts for adults” or “crafts for toddlers.” Brands can help create these experiences through their online channels as 69% are buying Easter-related crafts online per our BIGtoken survey. The survey results also suggested that consumers are relying on family (56%), social influencers (44%), and Facebook (30%) for inspiration due to changes in their original Easter plans. This presents a great opportunity for brands can connect with those looking for fun things to do on their holiday in a digital environment.

As we settle into this “new normal,” the Easter holiday is more than ever and important for brands to connect digitally with consumers who are looking for a reprieve from a world in crisis. Creating a new blueprint to enhance their experiences are critical for a newly evolved digital shopping world.

Christian Garcia, Publicis Commerce, Project Manager, Commerce Strategy