“Big Data was yesterday – IOT and AI are eating the world.”

– Johann Jungwirth, Chief Digital Officer at Volkswagen Group

The interdependency of the Internet of Everything (IoE) and artificial intelligence was VW digital chief’s central point at his Driving the Future panel session at VivaTech.

Jungwirth expects a new era of mobility will begin, cars will be connected in real-time and at that point, “connectivity and autonomy based on AI are the key issues.” This means that we’ll be looking at fully connected, self-driving vehicles that are self-driving and cloud connected with spectacular technical features.

In a world where everything is connected, our way of life will shift massively. If we focus on the automotive sector alone, huge benefits are clear.

For example, connected self-driving vehicles will ease traffic congestion and help prevent accidents. Inner-city parking issues could be solved by remote controlled cars that pick us up on demand, allowing for potentially more green areas to be planted. Even a car’s interior could be overhauled and adapted to better suit the needs and comfort of consumers, with a more homely, living room-esque design, for instance.

Another promising area related to IoE is Smart Cities. Given the myriad of environmental and population challenges cities face, Smart Cities became a synonym for sustainability at VivaTech. This technology offers a more efficient and pleasant way to live through the planning and design of cities and buildings, to how we as individuals interact with the environment around us. Technology around 3D solutions will be key for managing this urban transformation, and its impact will be completely unrecognizable from how we live now. Garden buildings, which enable everyone to easily grow, harvest and enjoy fresh and healthy products, will be some of the next future ecologic solutions.

Closer to home, synchronized sensors in every device controlled by one single ‘house-keeping’ assistant will make houses more efficient, comfortable and safe. These systems will control heating, lighting and security as well playing your favorite music, giving weather forecasts and reminding you to empty the bins -the possibilities are endless. We’ll certainly see more intelligent solutions focused on improving the experience and quality of life at home.

The ongoing acceleration in connectivity around all connected devices offers a whole new world where everything is possible and fantastic opportunities which have so far been unimaginable. At VivaTech, it was great to see brands from all sectors pioneering across a multitude of technological solutions. From food retailers to cosmetics and automobiles, a connected world provides unique audience opportunities for brands and the possibility to create strong personal communications with customers -ultimately becoming an important and integral part of their lives.

Inma Mairena, Communication Planner, Publicis Media Spain
Suzanna Djaboeva, Client Director, Performics Russia
Verena Marx, Head of Media Solutions, Publicis Media Content Germany