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Another week in Vegas has come and gone – and it seems fitting to enter a new year and a new decade at CES; the perfect time for us to look forward and approach marketing challenges with a new mindset and inventive spirit.

This year, the theme for our program was Identity 2020. The notion of identity has never been more important to our industry, brands, society, individuals and Publicis Groupe as an organization as we move towards a future balancing both privacy compliancy and personalization as vital imperatives. However, it’s the broader definition and underpinnings of identity that impact our abilities, as marketers, to know ourselves and our consumers better than ever and thereby drive deeper engagement with them.

It’s how brands think of themselves – fine-tuning their identities to more closely align their actions (and products) with those of their consumers and the world around them. It’s about inclusion – how we as marketers need to rethink legacy practices to ensure all identities are captured and celebrated in our advertising efforts as we move to a multicultural future. And finally, it’s about data – capturing the right data and ensuring every single person is accounted for across all data sources.

At CES this year, we saw products enabling greater personalization and technology to help us better understand and speak to identity– whether it is ours as a consumer, how we relate to a brand or how we fit into society.

This Trends & Insights Report dives deep into some of these products and technologies, giving you a glimpse into key trends we see emerging from CES into the year and decades ahead. Enjoy!

Tim Jones, CEO, Publicis Media Americas