As the marketing industry continues to expand over multiple channels and devices, measurement companies, technology vendors, and media sellers attempt to solve for gaps in cross-media measurement. Currently, a gap exists between agencies’ needs and their capabilities. While addressing this issue, agencies are also creating their own proprietary models.Current measurement approaches cannot keep up with or adequately track the migration of consumer viewership on different devices and over-the-top channels. For the 4A’s recent whitepaper, Measurement Priorities: The Agency Perspective,” which features collective points of views across top research leaders throughout network media agencies, including, George Musi, Spark Foundry’s EVP, Head of Data, Technology, Analytics, & Insights. The discussion centers around what a new media measurement solution should include and identifies the agency priorities for a new solution. Following these conversations, a survey of media, research and analytics members was distributed.The aim of the report is to unearth core measurement issues, key to the agency community, so that the industry can think gainfully about what a better measurement solution is comprised of.
Agencies need quality measurement data to help them plan, buy, and optimize their marketing and media investments. The ability to count individual ad exposure, with similar granularity across channels, is a key input to enable comparison across media investment, confirmation of media delivery, and reliable input to a sophisticated attribution system.
In addition to the measurement gap, agencies need transparency from walled gardens to support campaign measurement, frequency management, and optimization, as well as higher-quality, privacy-compliant identity graphs and device maps that feed into unduplicated reach, targeting frequency management and attribution.
Read the full report from 4A’s here.