The shopper is more empowered and connected than ever. CES 2019 showcased more ways for consumers to create
a perfect, connected human ecosystem that suits your every need with smart homes and connected everything powered by data – allowing us to respond to consumer needs faster than ever before. The speed of 5G, AR applications on mobile phones and shoppable social content are also transforming the consumers’ path to purchase proving that the future of commerce is bright. Here are a few trends shaping the landscape for the foreseeable future.

Internet of Things Squared

Machine learning works best when based on small tasks, but there is an emergence of IoT embedded into larger, connected IoTs. Whirlpool Care system  is one example that connects families one dish, one load and one dinner at a time. Partnerships with KitchenAid, Yummily and Amazon Alexa helps consumers keep track of supplies and re-order while you sleep, eat, work or play – creating a larger Shopping ecosystem for brands to deliver enhanced utility to consumers.

Take Better Care

With everything connected we see the shift from collecting data to giving humans super powers by harnessing that data to make us do more, know more and play more.  All of this connectivity enables consumers to take better care of themselves  and their families.  Brands that can shift from products to services will win in the long term by focusing on getting upstream in the consumer journey.  Think about partnerships that deliver services to consumers that  help them learn and grow with their changing needs.

Simon Says

This year, there will be a divide between voice-enabled and voice assistants which will influence the level of importance and adoption by the consumer. The future of commerce is not only understanding the role of voice in the purchase journey, but also understanding consumer patterns to learn and ultimately provide utility to the consumer. Our job as marketers is to learn how to win with the assistants or the algorithms so our brands are always on the promoted list.

Author: Amy Lanzi, EVP, Commerce Lead, Publicis Media Americas