Eight participants across Publicis Media agencies, representing six countries were selected for Cannes Lions’ awarding or shortlist juries. Read their perspectives straight from the jury room below:

We are at a tipping point where entertainment marketing is becoming established in the marketing toolbox, rather than something you dip your toe in. The caliber of storytelling at Cannes stands beside the best that the entertainment industry has to offer. It’s as worthy of people’s time and money as anything else that people can consume.
Scott Donaton, Global Chief Creative Officer, Digitas, Entertainment Jury President

The work that stood out and drove maximum impact, engagement and business results was the work where you could see great planning principles in action. Collaboration and collective ideation is the future of our industry and the future of effective work for our clients. Brands are attaching themselves to a cause or purpose, with many focusing on key themes such as gender equality, environment, health, racism, politics, animal welfare, food safety and education.
Nickie Scriven, CEO, Zenith Australia, Awarding Media Juror

The judging experience this year was much more intimate, with just 10 people In the room. The work spanned a wide spectrum, from trade show installations to products. Purpose-led work continues to dominate. And within purpose, the zeitgeist was disability with consumer durables and tech solutions. But it’s no longer enough to align yourself with a cause—now, brands that take action are the ones that resonate.
Emma de la Fosse, Chief Creative Officer, Digitas UK, Awarding Brand Experience & Activation Juror

Data is the best language we have to describe our world empirically. Just like poets craft language to shed a “sideways” light on the world, the future of work in the Creative Data category will shed light on human truths in new ways and produce work with: whole-idea thinking, end-to-end strategies that transform the consumer experience and transform people; forward-thinking ethics—the work set precedents of data collection and use including, transparency and data democratization; and inclusive data storytelling. Data reveals the truths of underrepresented communities and sparks brand stories and acts.
Maurice Riley, Head of Media & Strategy, Digitas Australia, Awarding Creative Data Juror

Thanks to a politically-charged climate combined with emerging technology, brands are seeking to engage directly with consumers and not just communicate. The entries that stood out this year combined media innovation with cultural fluency. Make your limitations your strength. If you are a fast food brand, supporting an environmental cause will ring hollow. On the other hand, hijacking a video game like Fortnite – to smash up burger freezers – is an outstanding way to cut through the noise and make a point about your product.
Shula Sinclair, Global Head of Strategy, Spark Foundry, Media Shortlist Juror

It was great to be part of Cannes Media Lions jury, and to have the opportunity to actively consume, decode and evaluate so much quality work from all over the world is really inspiring! The media category is especially exciting and progressive. The work that stood out most created valuable experiences by building on a really strong idea, using data to be smart and relevant and activated with mobile as the key asset in an integrated network of paid, physical and earned media touchpoints.
Peder Mittet, CEO, Publicis Media Norway, Media Shortlist Juror

It’s clear that we are ushering in a new era of diversity and inclusion. Purpose-led brands are seeking creative inspiration from this societal movement to challenge stereotypes, ignite conversations and drive positive change. There were many inspiring pieces of work that sought to do this in ways both large and small – sparking new connections, building communities, creating new experiences or empowering people to take action. Stand-out work challenged stereotypes in powerful ways, tapping into a cultural moment at the right time, with the right message and drove impact at scale. Brands that will thrive today and in the future will understand and embrace the diversity of the human condition, seek diverse points of view and reflect that in their work.
Rathi Gangappa, CEO, Starcom India, Media Shortlist Juror

This year’s entries in the Automotive, Non-profit, Branded Content and Entertainment, Excellence In Media Planning and Integrated Media categories made it clear creativity has been empowered by data, insights and tech, with stories and experiences that focus on the true meaning of life, love and inclusivity. The language of entertainment has drastically broadened as brands and agencies look to leverage various platforms to deliver more seamless and native experiences. Agile activations around key culture moments using innovation, media and technology that ties with real-time emotions engage consumers the most. And a uniquely developed event, if executed with authenticity and sincerity, can truly win the hearts and attention of consumers, especially scaled effectively with social media.
Vivian Zhu, CEO, Zenith China, Media Shortlist Juror

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