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Spark Foundry Bonfire: Hear the Heat
How Modern Audio is Reinventing Advertising

On February 13, 2020, Spark Foundry’s 7th Bonfire event took place at Google NYC. Over the course of the day’s content, three themes emerged:

  • AUDIO’S RENAISSANCE: Audio is enjoying a renaissance driven by technology (smartphone adoption and increased penetration of smart speakers) and by content creators’ affinity for the low barrier-to-entry that audio enables. With consumers spending an average of four hours/day listening to audio across a variety of formats, the need for brands to develop an audio identity – considering not just how their brand looks, but also how it sounds – is more important than ever.
  • AUDIO AS A REFLECTION OF MODERN CULTURE: In today’s marketing world, “influencers” compete for clout – something radio personalities have been doing for decades by becoming part of their loyal listeners’ everyday lives. The role of audio is even more prominent among Black & Hispanic listeners, who over-index against audio behaviors while also often driving the cultural trends that become the mainstream. Through the mining of audio streaming behaviors, marketers now have an opportunity to use these themes to connect with increasingly diverse audiences.
  • AUDIO PROVIDES DYNAMIC MARKETING SOLUTIONS: New audio technology provides marketers with an opportunity to tailor advertising at the individual level to increase engagement, adapting the content of the ad based on where/when the consumer is listening and what music genres they like. Unlike other formats, AI technology allows this process to happen (almost) at the speed of sound.

Download a full recap following the Bonfire discussions here.