Today’s connected consumer is unpredictable, messy and awash in contradictions. We love our devices and want them to enhance our experiences in increasingly exciting ways. Culturally, there’s a growing consciousness of tech’s ability to distract and our need to be more present in our real life with real people. Yet, we can’t let go of our ability to keep checking up on our world, our work, our home and our health whenever we want. At CES, we saw innovations designed to meet all these underlying motivations. The key tip for marketers is to lean into how technology can help people immerse themselves in what matters most to them.

Tech that checks us IN

INTEL’s 3D-modeled pixels bring a VR-like experience without gear. Higher resolution large format screens and 4K XR feel hyper-real, making content experiences richer. New full body control interfaces from shoes to the Birdly simulator bring you into games and interactive content like never before. This raises the ceiling of possibility for brands to create memorable experiences people love. Autonomous vehicles transformed into personal theaters will be the next frontier. Think about how that might transform the daily commute.

Tech that helps us check OUT

Today’s connected consumer knows they need to, well…disconnect. And, we saw technology that purposely focuses on freeing people from their devices, enabling them to be more present. Ranging from VR-guided meditation to personal in-home concierge robots to hardware that manages and literally locks up your family’s devices to reduce screen time –  it’s about harnessing technology to free us up to experience the world around us. Think about how tech can make your brand experience hands free and screenless.

Tech that lets us check UP

Smart home technology now touches virtually every aspect of your home and every member of your family (including pets!). This year, we saw wellness technology to monitor body metrics, manage pain, cardiovascular performance and infinite ways to help you sleep. Whether it’s your home or your health, people want to stay connected to the things we care about. With 5G on the horizon, edge devices and clothing-integrated wearables we can expect this connectivity to be enhanced as personal connected ecosystems become commonplace.

This post originally appeared in MediaVillage.

Author: Bohb Blair, Global Chief Experience Officer, Starcom Worldwide