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Capture Moments

CES was a “moment maker” that offered brands the opportunity to leverage technology to establish more meaningful connections with consumers. For example, our client, Delta Air Lines, showcased technology that allows customers to see personalized content tailored to their travel journeys on terminal digital screens—at the exact same time and in their preferred language. They also unveiled the transformation of the “Fly Delta” app that streamlines day-of-travel from managing security queues to booking Lyft rides. Capturing these kinds of  moments are a brand’s surest pathway to building better, sustainable connections.

Michael Kahn, Global Brand President, Digitas

Recast of CPGs as Tech Co’s 

I saw Impressive tech that actually worked IRL. The P&G Life Lab had some of the most buzzed about innovations this year – with everything from the humorous Charmin bathroom sniffer that will tell you when it’s aromatically safe to enter, to the highly personal serum treatments of  Opte that analyze your skin to distribute makeup only where it’s needed.  Each area of their exhibit was fun, relevant and presented beautifully.

Bohb Blair, Global Chief Experience Officer, Starcom

Test & Learn Mentality

Technology is how people get things done, but it must be an effortless experience for our consumers for it to truly resonate and build brand trust and loyalty. To get to that seamless experience, brands must set aside resources for experimentation and innovation with new technologies so they can continuously refine those consumer experiences. Only with this test and learn approach will a brand be able to truly unlock the power of new technology.

Solange Claudio, President/COO, Zenith|Moxie|MRY

Aftermarket Upgrade

Making daily life “smarter” no longer requires a huge investment or buying new appliances every few years. From aftermarket kitchen devices that control your old stove or slide into shelves to reorder your groceries, or a fingerprint lock for your front door, we’re starting to see more opportunities to make “dumb” devices smarter without huge cost. Leapfrogging competitors takes time and heavy investment, but brands can look for opportunities to plus-up existing products or create a low-cost marketing campaign product when “smart-lite” will do.

Greg Swan, Director, Digital, Social, PR and Innovation, Fallon

The Non-Healthcare Brand Health Revolution

Health is the new wealth and non-traditional health brands have gotten the memo. Notable at CES this year was the number of non-healthcare brands jumping into the health and wellness digital space.  The increasing sophistication of sensors has allowed many brands to incorporate information about people’s physical and mental state into every aspect of life.  From your car, to your underwear, to your mattress, people now have the ability to better monitor important physical attributes.

Alison Mcconnell, CMO, Publicis Health

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