Viva Technology is the place where startups and global digital transformation leaders meet to build strong partnerships and accelerate innovations in technology.The second edition of VivaTech was all about the “age of intelligence” as defined by Eric Schmidt.

The most innovative startups revealed their incredible ability to integrate new techno-logy that deploys solutions that improve industry processes, business models and customer experience across different sectors. Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics were among key technologies adopted by the startups, with the growing usage of applications based on Blockchain technology.

AR/VR technology allows brands to create much more innovative content and consumers to participate and experience those brands on a different level. Artificial Intelligence is considered the next digital frontier and its real-life benefits have already been registered. However, it can only grow if it’s “fed” data. As highlighted byJean Marc Bouwyn, Industry Manager at Google, this shouldn’t be a problem as 90% of the world’s data has been produced in the last two years and the volume of data is doubling every year. The question is how do we use this data in 2017? Below is just a small snapshot of how some of those startups are using this data smartly.

Heuritech, a startup from France and the winner of LVMH Innovation Award, launched the AI-powered virtual assistant for Luxury, Fashion & Beauty industry bridging the gap between social data and commerce. Heuritechuses text and image recognition detecting worldwide trends, emerging product buzzes and map online catalogues to support decisions, boost experiences, inform design, launch new collections, manage purchases and more.

Nextuserpowers with IBM Watson to provide a deeper understanding of customers’ personality capturing users’ characteristics, needs, and values to deliver high levels of personalisationfor eCommerceand retail companies. It makes recommendations based on users behaviours, sentiments, and transactions.
Augment,the augmented reality eCommerce solution, allows online shoppers to experience products at home before buying.

Hoomano designs, develops and deploys software for social robots like Heasy or Pepper, human-shaped robots capable of recognizing the principal human emotions and adapting their behavior according to the mood of the person they are speaking with.

Author: Paulina Wartak, SEO Manager, Performics Italy