CES this year was about accessing the ability to know…know your yourself (vitals and healthcare), know your customer, know their behavior and know how to utilize technology to better anticipate their needs. Three key areas of focus to take full advantage of these innovations include:


There are many technologies now available, but in the words of one client, “we need to make a pivot to relevance” and start by solving human problems. The key is to begin with an end in mind that improves outcomes and the consumer experience. We need to always remember that data exists to identify opportunities and issues. Creativity is the fuel that solves them for people and creates true value.


While facial recognition, IoT, and other technologies allow unprecedented knowledge, the “techlash” taking place around privacy is accelerating. We need to find the balance of providing a peak consumer experience with the growing knowledge that their behavior is being monitored. To address this, companies should focus on transparency and security. We need to be transparent with customers around how their data is being used and ensure that it is securely managed in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) or data-driven solution.


It is becoming clear that there are winners in the space of personalization who are able to manage, measure, and integrate consumers and content across platforms and devices. In addition to a centralized CDP or collective data offering, companies need to have an identity management solution in place to leverage the data which ties to a Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO) engine – and this needs to be done at scale. Brands need to pick their platforms and chose a champion to be competitive in order to unlock the promise and potential that personalization has long promised.

Andrew Swinand, CEO, Leo Burnett & Publicis Communications Central Region