Valentine’s Day is here, and it’s easy to turn to marketing strategies focused around traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates and jewelry. Sure, 9x more flowers than usual are sold on February 12th, and conversion rates soar 164% overall in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day (Criteo). Yet, the modern Valentine’s Day is evolving and brands should be looking to upgrade their strategy if they want to reach the right consumers at the right time and place.

Planning an Easy Valentine’s Day

For couples on Valentine’s Day, it’s not just about flashy dinners and extravagant gestures. New data suggests that Valentine’s celebrators are planning early and looking for lighter experiences. On Pinterest, the most committed Pinners are planning as soon as the New Year arrives, and searches for “easy Valentine’s Day dinner for two” spike 1062%. Consumers are looking for budget-friendly solutions that still allow them to celebrate the occasion. 40% of consumers will be spending less than $50 this February 14th (, and being able to plan activities that are easy and light will motivate them to open up their wallets. When brands embrace this consumer mindset, they can earn the mindshare and engagement of consumers early on by beginning marketing efforts one month in advance vs. one week, and also be prepared to offer easy, last-minute sign-up experiences.

Singles Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

We’re not just talking about couples either, singles have a stake in this holiday too. Single men will spend around $70 and single women will spend around $40 for Valentine’s Day (Microsoft). That’s right, single men spend more than the aforementioned 40% of all consumers on Valentine’s Day, which is incredibly eye-opening. Whether it involves spending on a new venture for their individual lifestyle (i.e. fitness), a spontaneous spend, or a way to boost self-confidence, it’s clear that singles are a huge potential market for Valentine’s. There are now more opportunities for brands to upgrade and expand their strategy beyond traditional offerings like flowers and chocolates.

In this modern world, there is so much opportunity for brands to engage consumers outside of traditional audiences of the past. With comprehensive marketing strategies that touch on both old and conventional ways, brands can seize the opportunity to stand out, embrace creativity and bridge the momentum of the holidays through the New Year and beyond.

Author: Christian Garcia, Project Manager, Commerce Strategy, Publicis Media Commerce